most people flee over Africa to Europe by boat

UN survey of 9,000 people travelling overland through Africa and arriving in by boat in Europe also reveals emerging trend in organ and blood trafficking

More than 70% of migrants travelling overland through north Africa to Europe have become victims of human trafficking, organ trafficking and exploitation along the way, according to the UN’s International Organisation for Migration (IOM).

The IOM’s surveys of migrants arriving in Europe by boat reveal that nearly three-quarters of those interviewed show strong indicators of having been trafficked or exploited for profit by criminals at some point on their journey.

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Plum drunk: the red admirals all on board for a last boozy feast

Crook, Durham The butterflies became stupefied drinking liquid seeping from the plums, completely losing their inhibitions

For well over a week now the air under the plum tree has reeked like the dregs of a half-drunk bottle of red wine left opened for a fortnight – alcoholic and vinegary. I can not remember such a good plum crop, ever. After the pies and the jam and the ones that were frozen or given away, the fallen plums could only be left to rot, but I piled some on the bird table in the sun. Soon the red admirals arrived.
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