Globalization + Bauhaus = ?

That was the main topic inside Prof Stybor lecture for this semester, how five different countries find them selves in just one place, what is the connexion between each other, and how all find a way to connect their own culture to the Bauhaus, since this school has a world famous background in design, it is very attractive for students, professionals, tourist, and all other designs enthusiastics… therefore the Bauhaus has also become an international meeting

What’s happening in MAID:

Typography workshop
Inside this workshop resides the aim of designing with letters, words, sentences, paragraphs and how to create a well done picture of them, easy to read, to understand, and pleasant to contemplate.

It is also important to find out how every family of typefaces contains a enormous background for its creation, and how each one of the letters suddenly became just pictures.
Here is a funny example for it: BembosZoo

How to Make It?

There are the tips to produce a fake product, in this case for movie making purpose.The first step is, we have to collecting all names and all of variation with the same content of product, then we create a name with combination,or mixed each other, when the certain name was find, go to search in internet, to find out which the name had nobody used it, the last step is to design it , make a new package for the product. And it has done…..the new (fake) product…..


these are the fake of product made by Mr. Brehm from Schein Design, Berlin

what’s “Schein-Berlin”

“Schein-Berlin”, a design office in Berlin, are Henning Brehm, Jan Hülpüsch and the photographer Daniel Porsdorf. But it’s not an usually office as looks like, they do not work to make new products, logos or graphical stuff only. No the most time they work for movie and TV, also sometimes for exhibition.
Also what they do exactly:

_Fake products for series and movie, as the problem with product placement and copyrights

_Fake poster and graphical stuff for movies, e.g. taxi logos, filmposters inside a movie, tv-magazines inside a serie

_reproduction of stuff which have to look old, e.g. exhibition stuff KZ-Dora


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Pretend to be Somebody Else

The one of Fake definitions is to pretend to be somebody else. Some people do to be somebody else for some reason and for something purpose.We can found one of them in tourist area, they pretend to be a statue, a man from the history or somebody that almost people easy to recognize them. They are not only to be an interesting attraction but for them selves they get money for it !!!

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