Off Architecture, as an reaction to the currently difficult situation in the building industry. Architects and designers create their own playgrounds besides the usual structures. They organise themselves in networks in order to work on projects together, often in loose and improvisational constellations. These kinds of think-tanks are extremely creative. They find new ways of activities, apart from traditional patterns. Persons with different backgrounds influence each other to create something complete new. We want to be on not off! that is the most is the most common response.
Those networks of architects, artists, designers etc. are dealing amongst others with post socialistic society change, leisure oriented cities or event oriented architecture.For example the shrinking phenomena, cities in East Germany, that have suffered economic and demographic decline as a result of deindustrialisation, migration and low birth rates since 1990. In general, research on shrinking cities often paints a pessimistic picture of the future. Without questioning these meta-trends of decline, those groups want to find new possible alternative scenarios.
Showroom, stage for discussion, bar, architectural design is not any more the classical design. Design is communicative, situational and temporary. And it doesn’t has to end up with architecture. “Architecture isn’t classical architecture anymore. Architecture is communicative architectures” (archplus166)

Die Geister des Ortes Ludwig-Wucherer-Straße 26 in Halle/ Saale, Germany

One project of Katharina Greve. She did architectural studies at the TU Berlin, lives and works in Berlin as an independent artist and designer.