What’s “Schein-Berlin” part1

One product of the design office “Schein-Berlin” was graphical stuff and product fake in the Movie Bourne Supremacy.


There was to design for example the Taxi Logo or the Neonletters for a metrostation on a building. But the biggest point inside was to change the film location into the place of storyline. The Movie plays normally in Russia, but the film location was in Germany, especially Berlin. So that a supermarket in Berlin will look for one day of the weekend like a Russian supermarket, and the next day it looks normal again. For this purpose you would not buy a complete Russian product range, and often the producer doesn’t wish this, e.g. for non-sponsoring. So they produce fakes of Russian products and for this they have to make a good investigation in how Russian products look like or how they might look like. Also there was to work on a lot of another graphical stuff that it looks russian for example price-pins and offer for sale markers.

by JaZs