what’s “Schein-Berlin”

“Schein-Berlin”, a design office in Berlin, are Henning Brehm, Jan Hülpüsch and the photographer Daniel Porsdorf. But it’s not an usually office as looks like, they do not work to make new products, logos or graphical stuff only. No the most time they work for movie and TV, also sometimes for exhibition.
Also what they do exactly:

_Fake products for series and movie, as the problem with product placement and copyrights

_Fake poster and graphical stuff for movies, e.g. taxi logos, filmposters inside a movie, tv-magazines inside a serie

_reproduction of stuff which have to look old, e.g. exhibition stuff KZ-Dora


We will showing more about the work on special examples in other entrys.—> JaZ


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by JaZs