what’s “Schein-Berlin”

“Schein-Berlin”, a design office in Berlin, are Henning Brehm, Jan Hülpüsch and the photographer Daniel Porsdorf. But it’s not an usually office as looks like, they do not work to make new products, logos or graphical stuff only. No the most time they work for movie and TV, also sometimes for exhibition.
Also what they do exactly:

_Fake products for series and movie, as the problem with product placement and copyrights

_Fake poster and graphical stuff for movies, e.g. taxi logos, filmposters inside a movie, tv-magazines inside a serie

_reproduction of stuff which have to look old, e.g. exhibition stuff KZ-Dora


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Pretend to be Somebody Else

The one of Fake definitions is to pretend to be somebody else. Some people do to be somebody else for some reason and for something purpose.We can found one of them in tourist area, they pretend to be a statue, a man from the history or somebody that almost people easy to recognize them. They are not only to be an interesting attraction but for them selves they get money for it !!!

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Culture und Theories of Fake. Fake theory workshop. Prof. Alexander Klose

This seminary deals with cultures and theories of fake; during the 4 days seminary Professor Klose gave both the students for the MAID and the MID an approaching definition for this main topic. Fake in art, film, literature, politics, economic, and also reading of philosophical texts, were some essential elements studied.
As well as many interesting examples of frauds in politic and history. We can say that the theory workshop with Mr. Klose was very valuable.

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Season of Fake…

As we all can see, this month is full of fake in the streets: lights, costumes, decorations, characters and scenes that were built specially for the season. Of course we all like them, and everybody enjoy this fantasy environment; moreover we hope that all this fake might be helpful to remember the REAL meaning of Christmas!


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The bottle caps

The character and the identity of things are proving us how they can show their whole product although just see the part of them.
Prof. Juli Gudehus showed her collections about a part of bottles. Eventhough small part of the product, they have identities and characters what they were designed for the useable. The recognizeable of the product can perform their specific characters with that we can make sure about the fake products just because we can recognize the character of the real product.

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