impressions of “Dimensions of FAKE” 15.11.2007

We can speak about an extremely successful event after the indefatigable commitment of the organisation-team and its assistants, and also the interesting, informative and funny symposium of the speakers.
Some of them have certainly expanded, contorted or even turned upside down their perception of FAKE.

Hearty thanks to the Organizers, Speakers and Assistants!


by JaZs

What’s the dimension of FAKE?

In this blog, we are showing our project about the main topic in this semester, FAKE. Most time it’s not clear… What’s the meaning of the dimension of FAKE? We’re going to try to find out what’s really FAKE. Is it good or bad? false or real?

We hope that we can find out an answer for this topic, and try to put a limit/border of dimension. We will do this through interviews, take pictures, research, translations, how is FAKE in different cultures, etc…


by team