Design and Science
The Life and Work of Will Burtin

R. Roger Remington and Robert Fripp

roger remington is professor of graphic design at rochester institute of technology. his books include american modernism – graphic design: 1920 to 1960 (2003). he has been a close friend and much appreciated advisor to the university of applied sciences (fh) for many years. his latest book is a monograph on will Burtin, design and science, 2007.

will burtin (1908 -1972) pioneered important contributions to international typography and visual design. he is best known as the world leader in using design to interpret science; and for his large-scale three-dimensional models, which carried the craft and the art of display to new heights.
he became famous for his large-scale 3dimensional models including a human blood cell (1958) and brain structures (1960). his major achievement, his clarity and ingenuity with models and graphics made complex information easy to assimilate.